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National coffee day!

Hello everyone! It’s national coffee day so if you haven’t already go out and either support your local coffee shop or just go make a pot of your favorite brew. I know it’s a bit late for coffee but this only happens once a year!


Last week I decided to go through with a purchase that I’ve been meaning to do for the last two years; I purchased an iPod touch from my boss @johntmeyer. Any 2nd generation or later ipod would have done, but he 1-up’d my expectations by offering me a 16gb iPhone for half the price I could have found an iPod touch for. I himmed and hawed over the decision before I decided that it was a deal I couldn’t turn down. Financially i’m not really walking on solid ground but gained some confidence when I was offered A high paying job opportunity last weekend. I guess the main reason I’m blogging about this is to reassure myself that it was a good decision.
Overall I love the device and wish that it actually functioned as a phone on the Verizon network. I would gladly pay to have this be my phone. I actually typed this whole blog post on my iPhone. Way cool and easy

Back to School

This week I started school again at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. This semester is going to be a busy one. 19 credits (not 21 like I said in a prior post). The crazy part of that however is that I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first week of classes I only had class on Thursday. That was the worst first day of classes that I’ve ever had. I hope the rest of the semester isn’t so bad. It was dark and raining, but the worst part of the day was the classes. Usually on the first day of class professors hand out the syllabus and introduce themselves. On Thursday it was ridiculous I got pounded with papers and reading. But have no fear I plan on fighting my way through the semester and enjoying every minute of it!

On a lighter note, I received my new Brewtender today! It will dispense 80 oz of ice chilled liquid, but the best part is that it was free! I received this from KegWorks.com when they were on IWearYourShirt.com. I wrote on their wall that I was a poor college kid that enjoyed any sort of alcohol especially when it is poured from a free dispenser.

I’m going to try and update everyone once every week.

Thanks for reading!

Takin’ some more pictures!

Tonight Kelsey and I decided that after our supper at HuHot Mongolian Grill that we’d head over to Sertoma Park and take some pictures. I took under 50 pictures and ended up with four keepers (I only included 3 and a questionable one.) I decided that I’m no longer going to post flowers or trees unless they are wicked awesome.