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Christmas List 2011 Continued…

If you guys buy anything from this list, make sure to update each other so I don’t end up with ten of something!  Love you all!

Men’s Heavyweight Crew-Neck Tees

Size: Large Tall
Color: Iron Gray Heather
Store: Old Navy

Men’s 1 Pair Pack Solid Thermal Pants

Size: Large
Color: Black
Store: Kmart

1 Pair Pack Solid Thermal Henely

Size: Large
Color: Core Black
Store: Kmart

Outdoor Coolmax Boot Sock

Color: Black, Anthracite
Quantity: 2 pairs
Store: Kmart

Men’s Cool 18 Micro Wicking Pants

Size: 34×34
Color: White (store color is “String”)
Store: Sears

Irreverent Woven Shirt

Size: Large
Color: Charcoal
Store: JCPenny

Van Heusen Long Sleeve Jaspe Polo

Size: Large Tall
Color: Blue Window
Store: JCPenney

Van Heusen Fitted Satin Stripe Long Sleeved Shirt with Tie

Neck: 17 1/2
Sleeve: 34/35
Color: Silver or Black
Store: JCPenney

Claiborne Lux Sateen Pants

Size: XL
Color: Black Grey Ecru Plaid
Store: JCPenney

Under Armour ® | Men’s Tactical Range Polo | 1005492

Size: Large
Color: Cement
Store: UnderArmour.com or Possibly Scheels

Shop Basics™ 11-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set – BigLots.com

Store: BigLOTS

Thick-Stripe Jersey Polo

Size: Large
Color: Bahama Water (light blue)
Store: Aeropostale

Feeder Stripe Crew Sweater

Size: Large
Color: lt hthr grey
Store: Aeropostale

Christmas List 2011

So for my christmas list this year, rather than sending out lists individually via email, I’m going to update my blog as a new item is added to my list.  My list this year is not as long, or as expensive as years past, but that can change if something unbelievably awesome and expensive comes out that I cannot live without.

Christmas List 2010

Impulse Buying Sucks, Black Ops Review

Last night I went to WalMart with my roommate and my friends on my floor to get the new Call of Duty game for the Xbox 360.  While there waiting in line, I decided that I’ll need something to do in my spare time over the month of January when I’m taking 3 credits versus the 19 I am right now.  Being the businessman that I am, I talked to all of my friends and raised a fund that equaled about a quarter of the game’s price.  In the end I only spent 3/4 of the price of the game, which is how much I can instantly get out of it at Last Stop CD Shop, or GameStop.  I figure that I may be $40 into a video game, but If I can get $45 out of it, I’m still money ahead.

I’m sure I’ll regret this decision over the next month as I cut $10 out of my spending for each of the next four weeks.  But until that regret sets in I figure i’ll be on cloud 9 playing the epic campaign that starts during the Bay of Pigs and continues through the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  It offers a very interesting take on history along with epic online play.

I hope this game gets better as I play it, the major complaint I have is that the graphics are not as detailed or perfect as they were claiming to be.  I hope I get used to playing the 64 bit graphics again (that may be an exaggeration), I did it with Goldeneye 007 in middle school, I should be able to do it in college with a game I plan on spending less time on.

Overall I give Call of Duty: Black Ops a 3 out of 5  due to the graphics!