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Jterm comes to an end…

Wednesday was bitter sweet. It marked the end of my last Jterm in undergrad. Will I miss the 4 hours of class everyday or the insane amount of homework? No… But will I miss the 6 hours of free time where I took up hobbys like working out and reading? Yes… Next Thursday will mark the start of my final semester here at the University of Sioux Falls. I plan on going out with a bang. My GPA has done nothing but improve over the last year and a half and I intend on keeping that upward trend moving. I’ve got a tough schedule ahead of me though so I need to buckle down. (the main reason i’m writing this in my blog is to remind myself that it’s not going to be a cakewalk.)

I’m going to make a schedule to post at least once a week on the blog. I’ve been doing a terrible job of it.

Oh and I just found out that when I complete a week long journal for Google about the CR-48 I win a 50 dollar amazon gift card!