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Spring Break

So this last week was spring break, fun right?  Not so much… It consisted of me getting sick and working just about every day. On a good note though I was able to attend a couple of great organizations here in Sioux Falls.  I attended a luncheon for SME (Sales and Marketing Executives) where they had Gary Guller speak about his trials and tribulations when he became the first man to climb mount Everest with one arm.  It was an amazing speech.  Then I attended Sioux Falls Synergy, which from what I can tell, is just a networking group that is comprised of people like me that don’t want to spend 400 bucks to become a member of the chamber or SME, so they join this for 30.  In my opinion if I was a member of 5 organizations for networking and had to let one go, it would be the Sioux Falls Synergy. It’s insightful but the people dont network like they do with YPN (Young Professionals network), the chamber, or SME.

Yesterday I became depressed while looking on Facebook, there were people that were living my dreams over their final spring break of college.  They were in Europe, South and Central America, some of them went only to New York or DC, regardless I was jealous.  But I keep telling myself that in 2 months I’ll be getting married and then walking onto a plane to fly me to Aruba.  That’s my 2 cents for today, the end of spring break!