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Dr. Oz Detox

Sometime in the last week and a half Kelsey and I got this idea to do a cleanse of our body, a little spring cleaning of you would. After searching the Internet for do it yourself cleanses, we discovered a highly rated Dr. Oz detox program. Tonight we took the plunge and went shopping. Talk about blowing $150 really fast!
In 3 days they estimate we will lose 5-7lbs and get rid of a ton of the toxins in our bodies. I’m absolutely thrilled to be trying this. We spent 3 hours preparing every “meal” for the next 3 days. This hell should be worth it by this time next week!!

Christa’s Wedding

Today was a day that will be very important in the future for my cousin Christa and her new husband Cody. Although their wedding was very important for them I realized that it was just as important for me.
A wedding isn’t about the dress or the cake. It is about seeing family, friends, and loved ones. However most importantly it’s about making memories that will last. You never know when the last time you see somebody will be. I saw my great uncle tonight. He is the cute old man that everyone tells stories about. This may be a one sided opinion and I’m sorry if Christa or Cody reads this, but having a conversation with my great Uncle Tom was more important than seeing the bride or groom tonight.
In the future if there is something that you really don’t want to go to just remember, the reason they are throwing the party may not be the reason to go, but the people attending can more than make up for it.

My Mountain

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel like my journey through life has always had a mountain in the distance. Looking at that I knew that someday I would climb it. Its not going to be easy but if you have great people around you it will be a lot easier than if you were doing it by yourself. I’m proud to say that I have finally reached the basecamp of the mountain.  Even though the top is still clouded. I think I’m on the right track and I know that I can climb my mountain.

My career is in an ever changing state. This may sound scary, it may sound exciting, and to be honest with you, it is! I’m shifting from managing Klenz to being a personal assistant to my boss. My grandma considers him to be a “big dog” and lets be real, I want to be a big dog. The best way to become a big dog is to work beside them, see how they work. Then emulate them and hopefully pick up on a few traits/quirks that they all possess. I am also building my resume becoming more organized and dealing with the day to day operations of running several businesses. I feel like my brain is ticking faster than it ever has before.

I need your help and prayers to give me enough strength and stamina to reach the top.