"Love your family. Work Superhard. Live your passion" -Gary Vaynerchuck

Christa’s Wedding

Today was a day that will be very important in the future for my cousin Christa and her new husband Cody. Although their wedding was very important for them I realized that it was just as important for me.
A wedding isn’t about the dress or the cake. It is about seeing family, friends, and loved ones. However most importantly it’s about making memories that will last. You never know when the last time you see somebody will be. I saw my great uncle tonight. He is the cute old man that everyone tells stories about. This may be a one sided opinion and I’m sorry if Christa or Cody reads this, but having a conversation with my great Uncle Tom was more important than seeing the bride or groom tonight.
In the future if there is something that you really don’t want to go to just remember, the reason they are throwing the party may not be the reason to go, but the people attending can more than make up for it.

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