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My Mother

Recently, my mom started her own blog. Hers is much more interesting than mine, but heck, she’s more interesting than me, so that makes sense! You can visit hers at https://dawnkroger.wordpress.com/ 

Dr. Oz Detox

Sometime in the last week and a half Kelsey and I got this idea to do a cleanse of our body, a little spring cleaning of you would. After searching the Internet for do it yourself cleanses, we discovered a highly rated Dr. Oz detox program. Tonight we took the plunge and went shopping. Talk about blowing $150 really fast!
In 3 days they estimate we will lose 5-7lbs and get rid of a ton of the toxins in our bodies. I’m absolutely thrilled to be trying this. We spent 3 hours preparing every “meal” for the next 3 days. This hell should be worth it by this time next week!!

Christa’s Wedding

Today was a day that will be very important in the future for my cousin Christa and her new husband Cody. Although their wedding was very important for them I realized that it was just as important for me.
A wedding isn’t about the dress or the cake. It is about seeing family, friends, and loved ones. However most importantly it’s about making memories that will last. You never know when the last time you see somebody will be. I saw my great uncle tonight. He is the cute old man that everyone tells stories about. This may be a one sided opinion and I’m sorry if Christa or Cody reads this, but having a conversation with my great Uncle Tom was more important than seeing the bride or groom tonight.
In the future if there is something that you really don’t want to go to just remember, the reason they are throwing the party may not be the reason to go, but the people attending can more than make up for it.

My Mountain

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel like my journey through life has always had a mountain in the distance. Looking at that I knew that someday I would climb it. Its not going to be easy but if you have great people around you it will be a lot easier than if you were doing it by yourself. I’m proud to say that I have finally reached the basecamp of the mountain.  Even though the top is still clouded. I think I’m on the right track and I know that I can climb my mountain.

My career is in an ever changing state. This may sound scary, it may sound exciting, and to be honest with you, it is! I’m shifting from managing Klenz to being a personal assistant to my boss. My grandma considers him to be a “big dog” and lets be real, I want to be a big dog. The best way to become a big dog is to work beside them, see how they work. Then emulate them and hopefully pick up on a few traits/quirks that they all possess. I am also building my resume becoming more organized and dealing with the day to day operations of running several businesses. I feel like my brain is ticking faster than it ever has before.

I need your help and prayers to give me enough strength and stamina to reach the top.

#GroupShirting for Jingos

I’m not sure if you guys know about IWearYourShirt.com, but every couple months they do a “group shirting” event where they send out 200-500 shirts to people who are willing to participate in a day of social media for the company sponsoring the shirt.  This time it is Pepperidge Farm’s new cracker snack, Jingos.  They are a Bold salty snack that Kels and I both thought were delicious! Here are some photos from the group shirting.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My little sis is getting married

This coming weekend my little sister is going to get married to a man that I can only describe as her opposite. Most people would be flabbergasted at the idea of marrying someone that you have very little in common with. Personally, I find the idea quite realistic and good. It’s easy to get sick of someone who is identical to you in most every way, especially if you both have egos or are equally bull headed.
For the past year or so, I have been married to my opposite. She is the strong silent type afraid to step out of her bubble. I’m the shout from the rooftop guy who is constantly exploring his weaknesses. We blend better than any couple I have ever seen. The keys to a successful “opposite” couple are (1.) Give- never be afraid to give up things you love, especially if there is an outside chance that giving it up will strengthen your relationship. (2.) Forgive- everyone screws up, especially when you are opposites. Imagine the thought process from each party that goes into a social gathering. The quiet one will want to sit in a room criticizing the outgoing who are dancing and having a good time with complete strangers. The outgoing will be criticizing those sitting in the corner. It’s a way of thinking and if you are considerate to your partner’s “opposite” way of thinking, you will understand where they are coming from.
On a final note I want to wish my sister the best of luck with this marriage and with their new house in Canton.

Music Affects Me

Over the past year at my job with Klenz towel, I have been completely stressed out more than once. After a hard day of work I find the best solution to maintaining my sanity is a glass of wine and turning on my favorite Internet radio station and just listening for an hour or so. Sometimes these sessions can last for three to four hours. I paid some attention while taking a barrage of psych classes in college, there I learned that music affects a different part of the brain than normal speech. The cool thing is that while you listen to music, it is actually “massaging” the rest of your brain. Imagine getting a back rub that makes your knee feel better (how neat is that?)
Next time you are stressed, try throwing on a slow paced melodic masseuse along with a glass of your favorite vintage.

It’s Been a While…

Hey everybody, I just realized that it has been well over a year since my last post, but have no fear, I’m back with a quick summary of what went on in the last 14 months!

Graduated College! (I don’t have any pictures of my graduation so I posted one of Kelsey!)

Heck yes we did it!

May 28, 2012: Married to Kelsey Jo!

Honeymoon: Aruba!

Got a job at Klenz, LLC!

Got a promotion from marketing nerd to Mr. know-it-all (Not my car)

Not pictured in the last 14 months was my addiction to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, my addiction to Skyrim, and worst of all my addiction to my wife (too graphic for this blog).

Overall I can not and will not complain about my so called life. Each day I find my self asking if it is real. I am truly blessed, but I couldn’t have done all this in the past year with out a great wife, boss, parents, grandparents, and most of all God.

More posts to come because we are slowly slipping into the boring married couple cliché.

(I’m not worried :))

Spring Break

So this last week was spring break, fun right?  Not so much… It consisted of me getting sick and working just about every day. On a good note though I was able to attend a couple of great organizations here in Sioux Falls.  I attended a luncheon for SME (Sales and Marketing Executives) where they had Gary Guller speak about his trials and tribulations when he became the first man to climb mount Everest with one arm.  It was an amazing speech.  Then I attended Sioux Falls Synergy, which from what I can tell, is just a networking group that is comprised of people like me that don’t want to spend 400 bucks to become a member of the chamber or SME, so they join this for 30.  In my opinion if I was a member of 5 organizations for networking and had to let one go, it would be the Sioux Falls Synergy. It’s insightful but the people dont network like they do with YPN (Young Professionals network), the chamber, or SME.

Yesterday I became depressed while looking on Facebook, there were people that were living my dreams over their final spring break of college.  They were in Europe, South and Central America, some of them went only to New York or DC, regardless I was jealous.  But I keep telling myself that in 2 months I’ll be getting married and then walking onto a plane to fly me to Aruba.  That’s my 2 cents for today, the end of spring break!

CEO in another country

I’ve thought long and hard about the question that I posted last time, and I came to the conclusion that if I were selected to be CEO in a foreign country, I would accept the position.  However there would have to be a list of priorities, my family must be able to be educated and safe, I would have to make more money than I did in the United States, and above all else, Kelsey must say yes. 🙂  I sometimes wonder how people can make decisions without consulting their family and loved ones. I’m not even married yet and I can’t imagine making a life altering decision without first consulting Kelsey.

Hope you all have a good weekend and a happy Valentines day!

International business

Today while sitting in class with one of my favorite educators of all time, David Artko, he posed a question that really got me thinking.  If a company I was working for told me that they were starting a division in Europe or Asia and they wanted me to run it, would I be willing to take the job. He was talking about his past experience at Bank America, he was CEO of Bank America in several Asian countries including China and Japan.

I’m not going to lie, this question really knocked me back on my heels. My gut tells me to yell out “I WANT TO DO IT!!! PICK ME!!!” but my brain is telling me, “Think about it, you may make more money and become more cultured, but at what cost?”

I’d like to think that either way I would choose, it would be the right one. Being deeply rooted in the midwest, my family would hate it if I were to up and leave to a different part of the country, let alone a different part of the world.  While I contemplate this, I want you, the readers to also contemplate it. What would you do if you were offered the job of CEO in a different part of the world?

I’m going to follow up on this question within the next week.

Jterm comes to an end…

Wednesday was bitter sweet. It marked the end of my last Jterm in undergrad. Will I miss the 4 hours of class everyday or the insane amount of homework? No… But will I miss the 6 hours of free time where I took up hobbys like working out and reading? Yes… Next Thursday will mark the start of my final semester here at the University of Sioux Falls. I plan on going out with a bang. My GPA has done nothing but improve over the last year and a half and I intend on keeping that upward trend moving. I’ve got a tough schedule ahead of me though so I need to buckle down. (the main reason i’m writing this in my blog is to remind myself that it’s not going to be a cakewalk.)

I’m going to make a schedule to post at least once a week on the blog. I’ve been doing a terrible job of it.

Oh and I just found out that when I complete a week long journal for Google about the CR-48 I win a 50 dollar amazon gift card!

Google Cr-48 day 3

Day 3 was pretty productive as far as pushing this thing to its limits.  The first thing I did was come down stairs, unplug the machine, then open up pandora.  After a little over three hours of playing music the battery had drained nearly 75%.  I was disappointed, but to be honest with you, I don’t know a computer of comparable status that could perform this well for this long.

Today I also operated the 3g using up a solid quarter of my monthly allowance… Oops! Looks like I may need to upgrade the plan.  I decided to hook up the Cr-48 to my new Dell monitor.  The picture is phenomenal, I just would love to have the ability to adjust the display properties.  I took a picture on the webcam today… It was horrible and very pixilated.  Don’t believe me, check out my dailybooth from today. http://dailybooth.com/TravisKroger/11251382 NOT IMPRESSED!!!!  I also made it crash, but I think it was a fluke, if it happens again you’ll hear first thing on my twitter or facebook accounts.

After three days I’m already becoming a cloud citizen.  I love google docs, I can see myself purchasing their 20 gb plan for 5 bucks/year.  Please comment if you would like to have me explain something more in depth.


Tomorrow I’m planning on a very busy day with the family, but I’ll try to get another update in.

Google Cr-48 Day 2

Today I tried spending the entire day in the clouds. I failed, but not until about fifteen minutes ago when I realized that there was no way to get the pictures off of my SD card that I put into the SD card reader on the side of the machine.  I then went running to my mac to upload the pictures to Picasa.

Other than the SD fiasco, I feel that I did well living in the clouds today.  I did find some more pro’s though. I’m beginning to love the super fast startup and shut down.  This feature is what will come to set the google laptops apart from others. My apple takes much less time than my sister’s dell to startup and shut down, but the Cr-48 takes the gold medal in the race from startup to browsing the internet to shutting down.

I have a new album started on Picasa full of all of the pics if you want to look at all of my pictures.  I uploaded a lot of them, but not all.

I’m now in possession of a 3g device. My Cr-48 has 2 years of free Verizon 3g service. Thanks Google and Verizon!  You’ll see the 3g feature in the pictures below.  I’m going to say sorry in advance for my poor picture quality. It was dark and I didn’t set up the images very well.


From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48
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From Cr-48
From Cr-48
From Cr-48

Google Laptop CR-48 Beta Tester: AKA Me

So, today my Christmas break started out right… When I arrived at my house in Canton, there was a large unmarked package waiting for me in the garage.  I had no idea who the person on the package was, and why he was sending me a package.  I knew I hadn’t purchased anything on ebay in the last month or so, and that I didn’t have anything that heavy coming for me from @iwearyourshirt.  When I opened it up, there was a box with a mouse’s instructions on how to build a “rocket wheel.” I was clueless…  I opened it up and HOLY CRAP!!! Inside was the Google CR-48 laptop that I signed up to test for the company.  I had no idea that they would choose me to be one of the beta testers.  I’ll post pictures of the computer tomorrow.  Tonight I’m in the process of charging and orienting myself to the functionality of the machine.

Day 1 Pro’s:
-Great Keyboard Layout

The keyboard is unlike any other computer keyboard I’ve used before.  There is no CAPS LOCK key, there are no F1, F2, F3… and so on, there is no start button or apple button.  There is a magnifying glass key where the caps lock key is on traditional keyboards. if you hit this it pops open a new tab showing all of your apps (I’ll discuss these tomorrow.)

-Super Fast Startup/Shutdown

In a matter of less than ten seconds I can turn the computer on and be browsing the internet. I can hold the power down and and it’ll shut off in about two or three seconds.  It also has a sleep function very similar to Apple’s Macbook pro. I shut the lid, it goes to sleep, instantly, if I open the lid, it wakes up, instantly. Super Fast!
-Very lightweight

The CR-48 is very light. It weighs in at under four pounds (3.8 lbs) and is extremely portable. I feel like I could carry this anywhere and do anything with it. Oh and did I mention it has free 3G Verizon service (tomorrow).

Day 1 Con’s:
-The trackpad

The trackpad is very jumpy and not very consistent.  While I was typing this, my palms attempted to get out of the tab twice and messed up my spelling by jumping lines nearly a dozen times.  This sounds terrible, but it’s simply a minor inconvenience that’ll take some getting used to.

-Lack of “Amenities”

This gem comes with everything you absolutely need with no extras. It comes with a webcam, mic, trackpad, single USB drive, VGA out, 3.5 mm headphone jack, SD memory card reader, and oh wait, that’s it…


I’m not sure why, but I’m not able to watch movies on Netflix… FAIL

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, I’ll be blogging about my Google CR-48 for the next 30 days.

Christmas List 2011 Continued…

If you guys buy anything from this list, make sure to update each other so I don’t end up with ten of something!  Love you all!

Men’s Heavyweight Crew-Neck Tees

Size: Large Tall
Color: Iron Gray Heather
Store: Old Navy

Men’s 1 Pair Pack Solid Thermal Pants

Size: Large
Color: Black
Store: Kmart

1 Pair Pack Solid Thermal Henely

Size: Large
Color: Core Black
Store: Kmart

Outdoor Coolmax Boot Sock

Color: Black, Anthracite
Quantity: 2 pairs
Store: Kmart

Men’s Cool 18 Micro Wicking Pants

Size: 34×34
Color: White (store color is “String”)
Store: Sears

Irreverent Woven Shirt

Size: Large
Color: Charcoal
Store: JCPenny

Van Heusen Long Sleeve Jaspe Polo

Size: Large Tall
Color: Blue Window
Store: JCPenney

Van Heusen Fitted Satin Stripe Long Sleeved Shirt with Tie

Neck: 17 1/2
Sleeve: 34/35
Color: Silver or Black
Store: JCPenney

Claiborne Lux Sateen Pants

Size: XL
Color: Black Grey Ecru Plaid
Store: JCPenney

Under Armour ® | Men’s Tactical Range Polo | 1005492

Size: Large
Color: Cement
Store: UnderArmour.com or Possibly Scheels

Shop Basics™ 11-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set – BigLots.com

Store: BigLOTS

Thick-Stripe Jersey Polo

Size: Large
Color: Bahama Water (light blue)
Store: Aeropostale

Feeder Stripe Crew Sweater

Size: Large
Color: lt hthr grey
Store: Aeropostale

Christmas List 2011

So for my christmas list this year, rather than sending out lists individually via email, I’m going to update my blog as a new item is added to my list.  My list this year is not as long, or as expensive as years past, but that can change if something unbelievably awesome and expensive comes out that I cannot live without.

Christmas List 2010

Impulse Buying Sucks, Black Ops Review

Last night I went to WalMart with my roommate and my friends on my floor to get the new Call of Duty game for the Xbox 360.  While there waiting in line, I decided that I’ll need something to do in my spare time over the month of January when I’m taking 3 credits versus the 19 I am right now.  Being the businessman that I am, I talked to all of my friends and raised a fund that equaled about a quarter of the game’s price.  In the end I only spent 3/4 of the price of the game, which is how much I can instantly get out of it at Last Stop CD Shop, or GameStop.  I figure that I may be $40 into a video game, but If I can get $45 out of it, I’m still money ahead.

I’m sure I’ll regret this decision over the next month as I cut $10 out of my spending for each of the next four weeks.  But until that regret sets in I figure i’ll be on cloud 9 playing the epic campaign that starts during the Bay of Pigs and continues through the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  It offers a very interesting take on history along with epic online play.

I hope this game gets better as I play it, the major complaint I have is that the graphics are not as detailed or perfect as they were claiming to be.  I hope I get used to playing the 64 bit graphics again (that may be an exaggeration), I did it with Goldeneye 007 in middle school, I should be able to do it in college with a game I plan on spending less time on.

Overall I give Call of Duty: Black Ops a 3 out of 5  due to the graphics!

Doing work without going insane

This weekend I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders with major assignments in every class, as well as four midterms coming up on Thursday.  I stressed out for about five minutes then realized how doable everything was.  Friday morning I sat down and wrote a majority of my papers leaving an outline, a paper, and 3 other assignments to do for the rest of the weekend. Saturday I finished the outline and the other paper, Sunday I had every intention of doing the rest of the assignments but I found out that popular Xbox 360 titles like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were more important on a Sunday afternoon.  This morning I woke up bright and early and got to work on my remaining three assignments.  I completed my marketing assignment in a little under two hours.  My other two assignments however I have yet to touch. I’m plannning on doing my finance assignment during tutoring tonight (I missed the day we went over how to do the assignment due to illness) and I’m currently working up the courage to do my retail management assignment on Scheels.

The most important thing I learned this weekend is to step back and look at what I can accomplish each day.  Most parents think that Xbox, Facebook, and twitter are distractions, where in reality they are lifelines when used correctly.  I would have gone insane without these “distractions” this weekend.

The Social Network

Last night, Kelsey and I went to the movie The Social Network.  It is the story of how facebook was created.  It told of how a genius, Mark Zuckerberg and his friend started the $25 billion company.  I found it very intriguing that he came up with this brilliant idea while he was intoxicated after dealing with a tough breakup. On the same token, I’m glad I’m not as smart as Mark.  He had no true friends and needed to make a network in order to gain any.

I could see myself being good friends with him because of how he thinks through things. He uses logic rather than emotions.  Someday I plan on making a difference in the world, I just hope I can keep my friends and family as priorities.

Networking on a College Campus-University of Sioux Falls

At the University of Sioux Falls, my views on personal networking have been greatly revamped.  I have in fact changed my education outlook to “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  I’m not sure how many campuses are set up to where this view would be relavent, but at the University of Sioux Falls there are some very wise and experienced people teaching.  The first class I took at USF was LAR111 “Western Heritages”  My professor, Dr. Ryan VanZee sat me down, told me that I was different, that I had an ability to talk with people and get to know them.  He told me to live my life getting to know people. My education outlook changed soon thereafter. Currently I have a professor, David, who was CEO of Bank America, China.  He is the type of old man I would love to be.  He is a cute old man, who is wise and wealthy, and has a wife he loves coming home to.  David and Ryan are just two of the many experienced people here at USF that help to educate me and prepare me for life.

National coffee day!

Hello everyone! It’s national coffee day so if you haven’t already go out and either support your local coffee shop or just go make a pot of your favorite brew. I know it’s a bit late for coffee but this only happens once a year!


Last week I decided to go through with a purchase that I’ve been meaning to do for the last two years; I purchased an iPod touch from my boss @johntmeyer. Any 2nd generation or later ipod would have done, but he 1-up’d my expectations by offering me a 16gb iPhone for half the price I could have found an iPod touch for. I himmed and hawed over the decision before I decided that it was a deal I couldn’t turn down. Financially i’m not really walking on solid ground but gained some confidence when I was offered A high paying job opportunity last weekend. I guess the main reason I’m blogging about this is to reassure myself that it was a good decision.
Overall I love the device and wish that it actually functioned as a phone on the Verizon network. I would gladly pay to have this be my phone. I actually typed this whole blog post on my iPhone. Way cool and easy

Back to School

This week I started school again at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. This semester is going to be a busy one. 19 credits (not 21 like I said in a prior post). The crazy part of that however is that I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first week of classes I only had class on Thursday. That was the worst first day of classes that I’ve ever had. I hope the rest of the semester isn’t so bad. It was dark and raining, but the worst part of the day was the classes. Usually on the first day of class professors hand out the syllabus and introduce themselves. On Thursday it was ridiculous I got pounded with papers and reading. But have no fear I plan on fighting my way through the semester and enjoying every minute of it!

On a lighter note, I received my new Brewtender today! It will dispense 80 oz of ice chilled liquid, but the best part is that it was free! I received this from KegWorks.com when they were on IWearYourShirt.com. I wrote on their wall that I was a poor college kid that enjoyed any sort of alcohol especially when it is poured from a free dispenser.

I’m going to try and update everyone once every week.

Thanks for reading!