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CEO in another country

I’ve thought long and hard about the question that I posted last time, and I came to the conclusion that if I were selected to be CEO in a foreign country, I would accept the position. ¬†However there would have to be a list of priorities, my family must be able to be educated and safe, I would have to make more money than I did in the United States, and above all else, Kelsey must say yes. ūüôā ¬†I sometimes wonder how people can make decisions without consulting their family and loved ones. I’m not even married yet and I can’t imagine making a life altering decision without first consulting Kelsey.

Hope you all have a good weekend and a happy Valentines day!

Google Laptop CR-48 Beta Tester: AKA Me

So, today my Christmas break started out right… When I arrived at my house in Canton, there was a large unmarked package waiting for me in the garage. ¬†I had no idea who the person on the package was, and why he was sending me a package. ¬†I knew I hadn’t purchased anything on ebay in the last month or so, and that I didn’t have anything that heavy coming for me from @iwearyourshirt. ¬†When I opened it up, there was a box with a mouse’s¬†instructions¬†on how to build a “rocket wheel.” I was clueless… ¬†I opened it up and HOLY CRAP!!! Inside was the Google CR-48 laptop that I signed up to test for the company. ¬†I had no idea that they would choose me to be one of the beta testers. ¬†I’ll post pictures of the computer tomorrow. ¬†Tonight I’m in the process of charging and orienting myself to the functionality of the machine.

Day 1 Pro’s:
-Great Keyboard Layout

The keyboard is unlike any other computer keyboard I’ve used before. ¬†There is no CAPS LOCK key, there are no F1, F2, F3… and so on, there is no start button or apple button. ¬†There is a magnifying glass key where the caps lock key is on traditional keyboards. if you hit this it pops open a new tab showing all of your apps (I’ll discuss these tomorrow.)

-Super Fast Startup/Shutdown

In a matter of less than ten seconds I can turn the computer on and be browsing the internet. I can hold the power down and and it’ll shut off in about two or three seconds. ¬†It also has a sleep function very similar to Apple’s Macbook pro. I shut the lid, it goes to sleep, instantly, if I open the lid, it wakes up, instantly. Super Fast!
-Very lightweight

The CR-48 is very light. It weighs in at under four pounds (3.8 lbs) and is extremely portable. I feel like I could carry this anywhere and do anything with it. Oh and did I mention it has free 3G Verizon service (tomorrow).

Day 1 Con’s:
-The trackpad

The trackpad is very jumpy and not very consistent. ¬†While I was typing this, my palms attempted to get out of the tab twice and messed up my spelling by jumping lines nearly a dozen times. ¬†This sounds terrible, but it’s simply a minor¬†inconvenience¬†that’ll take some getting used to.

-Lack of “Amenities”

This gem comes with everything you¬†absolutely¬†need with no extras. It comes with a webcam, mic, trackpad, single USB drive, VGA out, 3.5 mm headphone jack, SD memory card reader, and oh wait, that’s it…


I’m not sure why, but I’m not able to watch movies on Netflix… FAIL

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Christmas List 2011

So for my christmas list this year, rather than sending out lists individually via email, I’m going to update my blog as a new item is added to my list. ¬†My list this year is not as long, or as expensive as years past, but that can change if something unbelievably awesome and expensive comes out that I cannot live without.

Christmas List 2010