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21st Birthday

So as many of you may already know, on Tuesday I turned 21. What a night that was. I started the night out by going to supper with Kelsey and her roommates. We went to Granite City where I ordered my first ever alcoholic drink (in the US). I had a Southern Comfort Hurricane with my meal. That was one of the better hurricane’s I’d ever had. However that was the only drink I had with supper because it was $8.50… Holy cow! After supper we went to Rookies where they had $5 pitchers. Bad News… Then we decided that we had enough to drink there and that it was time to move. I wanted to go downtown from the beginning, so we went to Stogeez Copper Lounge. That was dead! I figured a few more people would be out on a Tuesday night. But then I got news that my best friend was at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse, and he wanted me to come. So we met him there and I doubled my drinks in an hour and then proceeded to call it a night. I signed my name every time I had a drink and wrote down what it was. Everyone got a chuckle out of it when they couldn’t read the last ten or so. 🙂
Sorry I haven’t uploaded any more pictures, but since photography class got over I have been taking a break from photography. I’ll post more pictures when I take them.


So last night during photography class, I received half a semesters worth of work that is due MONDAY! Monday is the same day as the third Ignite SD event, that I’d love to go to. But back to the pictures. I have a portfolio due that features motion, portraits, and aperture settings. I’m not completely done, but I have added the pictures that I do have done. I also have a photographer paper/presentation/picture due. For this assignment I have to pick a famous photographer (Josef Sudek) and do a paper and presentation on him and his works, then to top it all off, I need to submit one picture I took in his style. This is very challenging because he took pictures between 1915-1976. This time period was huge for photography. Camera technology advanced every year. Luckily he was an old man who refused to switch styles (part of the reason he was famous.) He used a camera that was from the 1940’s until he died in ’76. I’ll put a few of Sudek’s photos then mine. See if you think I did a decent job or not. Oh and on top of it all I have to submit a photo book (made by hand) that includes 6 pictures that tell a story. Remember my Racing post? Yeah that’s not good enough for her. She wants things that are more connected. Luckily I have another set of racing pictures that (hopefully) tell a better story.
My life is busy between class and 9 Clouds, but I better get used to it. Next semester i’m taking twenty-one credits. Yeah that’s right 21 credits. Thats 5 over overloading!
Now enjoy the pictures!

Faceless Portrait


Environmental Portrait


Capture Motion

A Night at the Races

Josef Sudek






So JazzFest has been over and done with for a week but I do have a bunch of neat shots left over from it! Most of them are just random people shots.


Photo Composition Portfolio

For my Art181 class I have to make a portfolio that consists of a picture from each of the following categories. Rule of Thirds, Formal or Symmetrical balance, Informal or Asymmetrical balance, The Vertical Line, The Horizontal Line, The Diagonal Line, Simplicity/cropping, The Curve, Framing.

Rule of Thirds

Formal or Symmetrical Balance

Informal or Asymmetrical Balance

Vertical Line

Horizontal Line



The Curve


“Racing: A Family Tradition”

Photos from the Weekend

Which is your favorite? Leave your comments below. All of these pictures were taken in Canton, SD with my Nikon D5000 Camera.

In memory of all those lost in the gulf


Asian Beauty

Orange Salt and Pepper

Orange tea set

Norman Rockwell mugs

More Tea?



Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces 2

Highly Breakable

Dad’s Snowmobile

Dad’s Snowmobile 2



Dairy Queen Drive-Thru






Pictures From Mom and Grandma’s Flower Gardens

All of these pictures were taken on July 11th in Canton, SD (my home town) at my house and my grandma’s house with a Nikon D5000 camera.

Mom’s Mailbox

Grandma’s Driveway

Plant in Grandma’s house


Another view in Grandma’s driveway

Grandma’s Cone Flowers

Grandma’s “sad tomato”

Lonely Frog


My Favorite

Pink on Pink






Watchin’ Windmills

Another View of Grandma’s Driveway

Grandma’s Car



I spy



White Picket Fence


Bird Bath