"Love your family. Work Superhard. Live your passion" -Gary Vaynerchuck


CEO in another country

I’ve thought long and hard about the question that I posted last time, and I came to the conclusion that if I were selected to be CEO in a foreign country, I would accept the position.  However there would have to be a list of priorities, my family must be able to be educated and safe, I would have to make more money than I did in the United States, and above all else, Kelsey must say yes. 🙂  I sometimes wonder how people can make decisions without consulting their family and loved ones. I’m not even married yet and I can’t imagine making a life altering decision without first consulting Kelsey.

Hope you all have a good weekend and a happy Valentines day!

International business

Today while sitting in class with one of my favorite educators of all time, David Artko, he posed a question that really got me thinking.  If a company I was working for told me that they were starting a division in Europe or Asia and they wanted me to run it, would I be willing to take the job. He was talking about his past experience at Bank America, he was CEO of Bank America in several Asian countries including China and Japan.

I’m not going to lie, this question really knocked me back on my heels. My gut tells me to yell out “I WANT TO DO IT!!! PICK ME!!!” but my brain is telling me, “Think about it, you may make more money and become more cultured, but at what cost?”

I’d like to think that either way I would choose, it would be the right one. Being deeply rooted in the midwest, my family would hate it if I were to up and leave to a different part of the country, let alone a different part of the world.  While I contemplate this, I want you, the readers to also contemplate it. What would you do if you were offered the job of CEO in a different part of the world?

I’m going to follow up on this question within the next week.

Impulse Buying Sucks, Black Ops Review

Last night I went to WalMart with my roommate and my friends on my floor to get the new Call of Duty game for the Xbox 360.  While there waiting in line, I decided that I’ll need something to do in my spare time over the month of January when I’m taking 3 credits versus the 19 I am right now.  Being the businessman that I am, I talked to all of my friends and raised a fund that equaled about a quarter of the game’s price.  In the end I only spent 3/4 of the price of the game, which is how much I can instantly get out of it at Last Stop CD Shop, or GameStop.  I figure that I may be $40 into a video game, but If I can get $45 out of it, I’m still money ahead.

I’m sure I’ll regret this decision over the next month as I cut $10 out of my spending for each of the next four weeks.  But until that regret sets in I figure i’ll be on cloud 9 playing the epic campaign that starts during the Bay of Pigs and continues through the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  It offers a very interesting take on history along with epic online play.

I hope this game gets better as I play it, the major complaint I have is that the graphics are not as detailed or perfect as they were claiming to be.  I hope I get used to playing the 64 bit graphics again (that may be an exaggeration), I did it with Goldeneye 007 in middle school, I should be able to do it in college with a game I plan on spending less time on.

Overall I give Call of Duty: Black Ops a 3 out of 5  due to the graphics!

Doing work without going insane

This weekend I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders with major assignments in every class, as well as four midterms coming up on Thursday.  I stressed out for about five minutes then realized how doable everything was.  Friday morning I sat down and wrote a majority of my papers leaving an outline, a paper, and 3 other assignments to do for the rest of the weekend. Saturday I finished the outline and the other paper, Sunday I had every intention of doing the rest of the assignments but I found out that popular Xbox 360 titles like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were more important on a Sunday afternoon.  This morning I woke up bright and early and got to work on my remaining three assignments.  I completed my marketing assignment in a little under two hours.  My other two assignments however I have yet to touch. I’m plannning on doing my finance assignment during tutoring tonight (I missed the day we went over how to do the assignment due to illness) and I’m currently working up the courage to do my retail management assignment on Scheels.

The most important thing I learned this weekend is to step back and look at what I can accomplish each day.  Most parents think that Xbox, Facebook, and twitter are distractions, where in reality they are lifelines when used correctly.  I would have gone insane without these “distractions” this weekend.

Networking on a College Campus-University of Sioux Falls

At the University of Sioux Falls, my views on personal networking have been greatly revamped.  I have in fact changed my education outlook to “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  I’m not sure how many campuses are set up to where this view would be relavent, but at the University of Sioux Falls there are some very wise and experienced people teaching.  The first class I took at USF was LAR111 “Western Heritages”  My professor, Dr. Ryan VanZee sat me down, told me that I was different, that I had an ability to talk with people and get to know them.  He told me to live my life getting to know people. My education outlook changed soon thereafter. Currently I have a professor, David, who was CEO of Bank America, China.  He is the type of old man I would love to be.  He is a cute old man, who is wise and wealthy, and has a wife he loves coming home to.  David and Ryan are just two of the many experienced people here at USF that help to educate me and prepare me for life.


Last week I decided to go through with a purchase that I’ve been meaning to do for the last two years; I purchased an iPod touch from my boss @johntmeyer. Any 2nd generation or later ipod would have done, but he 1-up’d my expectations by offering me a 16gb iPhone for half the price I could have found an iPod touch for. I himmed and hawed over the decision before I decided that it was a deal I couldn’t turn down. Financially i’m not really walking on solid ground but gained some confidence when I was offered A high paying job opportunity last weekend. I guess the main reason I’m blogging about this is to reassure myself that it was a good decision.
Overall I love the device and wish that it actually functioned as a phone on the Verizon network. I would gladly pay to have this be my phone. I actually typed this whole blog post on my iPhone. Way cool and easy

Back to School

This week I started school again at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. This semester is going to be a busy one. 19 credits (not 21 like I said in a prior post). The crazy part of that however is that I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first week of classes I only had class on Thursday. That was the worst first day of classes that I’ve ever had. I hope the rest of the semester isn’t so bad. It was dark and raining, but the worst part of the day was the classes. Usually on the first day of class professors hand out the syllabus and introduce themselves. On Thursday it was ridiculous I got pounded with papers and reading. But have no fear I plan on fighting my way through the semester and enjoying every minute of it!

On a lighter note, I received my new Brewtender today! It will dispense 80 oz of ice chilled liquid, but the best part is that it was free! I received this from KegWorks.com when they were on IWearYourShirt.com. I wrote on their wall that I was a poor college kid that enjoyed any sort of alcohol especially when it is poured from a free dispenser.

I’m going to try and update everyone once every week.

Thanks for reading!